Diaper Rash Paste - No Name

Skinfix Buttocks Paste really is the MIRACLE CURE for diaper rash. My son's diaper rash was so bad it was literally out of control. No other over-the-counter diaper cream would heal his diaper rash nor would they prevent it from recurring. Prescription medications would heal the diaper rash after weeks of application but the diaper rash would recurr only days after stopping the treatment and then it would take weeks to heal again. It was a viscious and painful cycle.

I found Skinfix Buttocks Paste via a Facebook page and am so glad that I did. The owner of Skinfix was fabulous. She not only immediately returned my e-mail inquiry as to where I could find the product locally, she also called me a number of times to inform me that the supplier for the Real Canadian Superstore in my area had stock and that I could have Superstore order the product in for me and that I would receive it within 24 hours. This lady went above and beyond the call of duty and I am so greatful for it.

The first application began to heal my son's diaper rash and it was completely gone within 3 days. My son has had a few bumps appear since then so we just put on a slightly thicker coat of the buttocks paste and it never results in more than that; by the next morning the bumps are gone. We have not had even a minor rash occur since using this product. I tell everyone I know, and even complete strangers who ask, about this product. In our home, Skinfix Buttocks Paste is known as 'The Miracle Cure for Diaper Rash'.

I only wish I had have known about this product when my daughter was in diapers. We will be trying the body paste for our eczema as soon as our local Superstore orders it in. If the body paste is as good as the buttocks paste, we're in for great things when it comes to our eczema. Thank you, Skinfix, you have saved my son a tonne of pain and discomfort and have helped my husband and I live stress-free when it comes to diapering our son!

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