Body Repair Paste - Danielle

I'm a 38 year old First Nations Woman from the Saulteaux tribe in Saskatchewan, Canada. I tried your body paste sample on my face due to discoloration and dark patches from pregnancy (called pregnancy mask) i have always been very proud of my smooth skin, when I discovered this thing on my face, well I wanted to cover it up. nothing worked and makeup made it look bluish. I dug around in my lotions and things, I found your product, well I started to use it. I don't know when but I noticed my pregnancy mask was gone. also I had acne scars by my temples, they were noticable faded, not only that I had a line across the tip of my nose ( my older brother used to sit on me and push my nose back and call me a pig, ha ha) well the line is faded and almost gone! I've had that line since I was 5 or 6 years old! I believe in your product and fully support it.


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