Body Repair Paste - Stacey

All I can say is amazing! My daughter has always suffered from mild forms of eczema forever but in the last 2 months her body has exploded from her neck down she looked like she had been burnt at one point she could not walk because behind her knees was so cracked and raw. Our family Dr. told us that is was a certain form that had to run its course up to 12 weeks. After 4 Dr's that gave her steroid creams that were extreme high doses but did work it returned and using that type of cream all the time is not an option. We were told about Skin FX after day 2 it is gone I am in total amazement the red the dry the itch gone. I have told all my co workers and clients. Never in my life have I used something so effective if someone does not try this after the results I have witnessed they are crazy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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