Body Repair Paste - No Name

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this product! At about 1 1/2 months my son started to get a horrible rash that covered his face, elbows, and legs. He is currently 7 1/2 months now. And up until 2 weeks ago he still had the rash. It was extremly painful looking and he would rip his face apart trying to relieve it and cry all the time. I had taken him to 5 different doctors including skin specilists over the course of the 6 months and never really recieved a straight answer to what this rash was. I was spending around $120 every 2 weeks in presrciption creams, which did nothing. I was told he would just have to grow out of it. Until I had his grand mother suggest trying Skin fix. And at this point I was about to try anything. So I gave it a go and within about a week and half his face to completely clear as well as the rest of his body! He is now happier and is not crying near as much and is not ripping at his face. You have a wonderful product here and it truly does work wonders ! 

Thanks :)

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