Body Repair Paste & Efflorescence Paste - Jan

HOLY COW! I got my body paste about 40 hours ago and my heels are 95% healed!!!! When I got home from work Friday my Body past was here and I put a slather on my heels. That evening I put more on and socks and in the morning more paste all over my feet and massaged it in real good. I could already see a difference. I put more on in the afternoon after shoping. That evening after dinner I put more on. I also pulled off chunks of dead skin. Before I went to bed I slatherd more on I did'nt wear socks because it's so hot! Sunday morning I took a shower and as usual I took the emory board to my heels. I was shocked and amazed!! all the dead skin came off all the ground in dirt from wearing Crocks too. I think by tomorrow morning when I go to work my feet will look like they did when I was 13! I am 41 now and also am using the Efflorescence Paste WOW what a relief. After 2 years of "discomfort" I went to the doctor and he said the itching was brought on by stress and it w!as chronic (Pruritus vulvae). I wanted to cry. He gave me some cream that the pharmasist said to use sparingly because it causes thinning of the skin and that will cause other problems. Its been about 6 months and some days I want to do myself in. Then I saw Skinfix Efflorescence Paste in a magazine. Now I know I can live with this affliction. I will not have to worry about thinning skin, and I have pretty feet again!


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