Body Repair Paste - No Name

Dear SkinFix,

Well, where do I start? First of all I would like to say I was raised in Lower Sackville and lived there most of my life until I recently moved to New Brunswick. My entire family has been diagnosed with some sort of skin conditions such as Rosacia, exzema, psoriasis, etc...the money I have spent on prescriptions from these ailments has been extremely expensive and nothing ever worked, ever......until NOW!! My friend from Dartmouth noticed my really bad exzema on my legs and she told me to try this amazing paste. She took it out of her bag and I used 1 application! My legs were healed by the next morning. I have NEVER and I mean Never been so impressed about a product in my life. I went to my local pharmacy and asked them if they would please order me 5 jars of SkinFix. I received the bottles within 2 days and started applying it to every one of my family members. My 3 year old HAD exzema from shoulders to feet. My husband Had it all over both arms and hands, myself ! both legs..my father psoriasis all over and my brother from head to toe. SkinFix...there is no way I can possibly thank you enough. I have bought this cream and sent it to Ontario to other family members...all with the same results!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I cannot thank you enough for this Miracle product! And to think it is made in my hometown makes me so proud!! I have passed the word around to all my friends and family..this stuff is like pure gold in a jar! Thank you again and again!

An Extremely Satisfied Customer

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