Body Repair Paste - Rebecca

I just went out to buy a giant tub of the body paste now I have finished the sample. It's amazing stuff and truly works. I have had this allergic reaction/problem skin on my hand since last summer where I get hives and red itchy patches which started to crack painfully and I had tried all kinds of products (and spent a fortune on) that people kept recommending to no avail. I was getting quite depressed as it was starting on my other hand.

I did get some strong hydrocortisone cream from the doctors which worked temporarily but he said not to use it too often as it thins the skin permanently! So I tried the sample skinfix and right away it soothed my hands and stopped the itching. One cut healed up the same day and the rest in the next day or two. I put it on every day now because any day I forget, the problem skin starts to reappear.

I told my aunt about it as she had a rash from a necklace that was bothering her. She bought some and is very impressed too. I will be telling anyone I know who has skin issues to try it



Oh and one more thing - having sensitive skin means I have to use fragrance free everything so when I opened up the tub and it smelled good enough to eat, I was dubious and expected the normal allergic reaction. But actually it was fine and I am very pleased (and my husband is too) that I don't have to smell like a hospital to have better skin!

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