Body Repair Paste - Bequi G


Thank you so much for offering a sample. I would love to try the efflorescence paste for my Mom who is going thru menopause. Anything to help her out :) I love your skin fix, actually, my last big serving of it was mostly given away because I had to let everyone know that something in this world really does work and does what it says. I am grateful for this product and for everything it has done for me. I had a bad burn on my arm, it took two weeks of treating it with Skin Fix and I don’t even have a scar now, it’s been 8 months, and I have scars from the same type of burn from previous years. Also, I had huge pours on my face for the longest time, I started using Skin Fix at night on my face, and literally in 2 days my skin was beautiful and vibrant. Oh I can go on and on about skin fix stories. I really would love to sell it, but I know I would need a license and all that good stuff and I don’t know what that involves. But honestly, I was in marketing for 8 years and I know that your product would be a great thing to introduce to the world because it stays true to its word.

Thank you for your kindness and thank you for the sample, my Mommy will be thankful as well.

-Bequi G
P.S. Please feel free to post any of my statements on your site, it is all true and I promise :)

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