Body Repair Paste - Melissa


I was suffering from chronic razor burn irritation for over a year- gross! Last summer I stayed away from the beach and put foundation on my legs if I ever worn shorts or skirts. I tried everything from Polosporan, Vitamin E oil and "intense" dry skin lotions- nothing was working.

I had not heard of your product before Thursday, when I spotted it tucked in on the bottom shelf at Lawtons. I was attracted to the simple packaging and natural ingredients. In four days of two thin applications daily, my skin looks fantastic- not a mark remains and seems like a nice colouring has already returned. I am very happy to know I won't have live with that embarrassing rash the rest of my life.

Also, I had a little patch of dry flaky skin on my forehead yesterday, slicked on a little Repair Paste and the flakes were gone this morning- yeah!

Thank you so much. I am going to tell everyone who will listen about your wonderful your product. Thank you!


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